Genmai de kouso

“Genmai de kouso”-enzymes made of brown rice- to energize your body from the fundamental level!

Enzymes are essential biocatalysts for all reactions in the body, such as digestion, absorption, metabolism, detoxification and so forth.

There are two types of enzymes: “Internal enzymes” and “Food enzymes”.

Internal enzymes”(also called Latent enzymes) are produced naturally in the body. The amount of enzymes produced in the body is individually different and it decreases at the peak in 20s. There are two types of “Internal enzymes”.

  1. Digestive enzymes” help your body break down carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins from foods into smaller molecules. This action is necessary to allow for the absorption of nutrients and to maintain optimal health.
  2. Metabolic enzymes” are involved in most of the body’s functions necessary for human life, such as metabolism, cell repair, and detoxification. It is also related to maintaining youthfulness (anti-aging).

“Food enzymes” can be obtained from food. They promote the digestion of the food you eat and reduce the consumption of digestive enzymes.

There are individual differences in the production amount of “Internal enzymes”. Those who are sick or have a significant decrease in physical strength can produce lower amount of enzymes in the body, so the power to digest food and turn it into nutrition is insufficient.

In addition, people today consume a large amount of enzymes for digestion and detoxification by eating large amount of food that is burdened by digestion such as animal proteins and lipids, and foods that use food additives and pesticides. With the addition of stressful living environments, people are chronically lacking “Internal enzymes”.

Since the amount of “Internal enzymes” produced in the body is constant, using large amount of “Digestive enzymes” cause decreasing the amount of “Metabolic enzymes” in the body and that cause decline in metabolism and accelerate the aging process.

Support the “Internal enzymes” with “Food enzymes”

By taking high-quality “Food enzymes”, it supports the activity of digestive enzymes and is possible to reduce the consumption of “Digestive enzymes” in the body. Therefore, you can use the rest of “Internal Enzymes” as “Metabolic enzymes” and thus this improves your metabolism, cell repair, toxin excretion, and immunity.

We especially recommend Food enzyme supplements for those whose stomach and intestines are weak and the digestion and absorption itself is weakening. Even if you are not sick, those who take a lot of animal proteins, lipids, additives, etc. are recommended to take Food enzyme supplements because these foods consume a lot of “Digestive enzymes” for digesting.

By supplementing high-quality food enzymes, let’s support “Digestive enzymes” and improve the activity of “Metabolic enzymes”.

What are high-quality food enzymes?

Raw vegetables and fruits contain “Food enzymes”, however, in terms of the “Chisaka Method”, it is not recommended to take a lot of these foods because these are Yin × Acidic foods that cool your body and pollute your blood.

In addition, most general enzyme supplements use a large amount of fruits and sugars as ingredients, and heat treatment is done in the manufacturing process. Since enzymes are vulnerable for high temperature, most of enzymes lose “enzyme titers” with 50°C to 70°C. When you take these enzyme supplements which most of enzymes are deactivated, it cannot be expected much benefits in your body.

Our “Genmai de kouso” is a high-quality food enzyme supplement which contains many activating enzymes with living microorganisms made from fermented brown rice and other grains, koji mold, etc. It does not cool your body, does not pollute your blood, so that, you can eat it without worry. Of course, since it is non-heat treated products, it has high enzyme titers (*please refer to the video) that living microorganisms powerfully decompose carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, cellulose, lactose, etc.

Please watch “Genmai de kouso” video which compares the enzyme titers (decomposition power) among 3 enzyme products.

Let’s take “Genmai de kouso”, a high-quality food enzyme supplement with living microorganisms to boost your metabolism and energy.

How to use

Please take 1 to 3 bags a day with water or lukewarm water.

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