Established in 1982, Shokken has been one of the leading companies in the beauty and health industries with unique its products based on Chisaka Method whose main component is a dietary therapy. Over hundreds thousand people have experienced Chisaka Method, and many of them have got their health back with the help of Shokken products, which are made of only natural ingredients, including brown rice.

To quickly describe Chisaka Method, it is a developed version of Macrobiotics whose practitioner includes John Lennon (ex – The Beatles) and Madonna to name a few. We added our own thoughts to the concept of Macrobiotics and have been progressing on our own under the name of “Chisaka Method” since 1982.

In Chisaka Method, we categorize every food into four types based on what kinds of effect it has on our body. If a food brings high energy to our body, and it also has a good effect on blood, we categorize it as a best food, which we recommend everyone who wants to do Chisaka Method. Like this, we categorize each food under the following criteria:

  • High-Energy and good effect on blood:Yang – Alkaline food(Chisaka Method recommends)
  • High-Energy but bad effect on blood:Yang – Acidic food
  • Low-Energy but good effect on blood: Yin – Alkaline food
  • Low-Energy and bad effect on blood: Yin – Acidic food

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