A health-conscious modern day, there are also various health foods overflowing, and various kinds of health information are flying around. However, it seems to me that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get health in the true sense. In this age where western medicine is a trend, illness is caught only as “an unfathomable phenomenon” which simply appeared in the body, and treatment is left to the hands of a doctor. Common sense that illness “what doctors and hospitals cure” has spread to the public as well. But, is that an ideal figure?

Humans are born and have “to protect ourselves”. It plays the role of a shield to protect the body from invisible arrows that are sick. This weakening is causing causes of illness. Our idea is to lay the groundwork to make a body that will not get sick by constantly strengthening this situation. Even if it suffers from illness, we take it as an erroneous practice in our daily life and use it as a hint to cure ourselves. In this way we aim to realize a healthy body. And it is only for us to live in this society to put it into practice. We advocate Self Health Management (self-health management) so to speak, “I will build my health as a leading actor”, I would like to be a supporting company for that.

I believe that our greatest mission is to help customers gain their own health through their products and contribute to the creation of a healthy society. “Drive customers to real health through food” Based on this philosophy, we hope that all of our employees will unite together and would like to help everyone for a long time.