Propolis has been used since the time of ancient Rome to prevent various diseases due to its multiple health benefits.

“Those who want to improve their immune system.”

“Those who easily get tired.”

“Those who want to prevent cold.”

“Those who suffer inflammation in certain parts of the body.”

“Those who want to suppress allergy symptoms.”

“Those who want to cleanse the blood.”

What’s Propolis?

Propolis is the “bee resin” made of bee saliva components mixed with plant materials, such as tree buds, sap, and others, collected by the bees.

Its main functions are to reinforce the nest and keep it sterile.

It is a natural food item with antibiotic-like properties that can be expected to give various beneficial effects, including antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions when consumed.

If you take such propolis, you can get “three powers”!!

1. “antibacterial power”

The antibacterial power that protects the human body from various harmful bacteria. It works to moderately inhibit the growth of viruses such as colds, tooth decay bacteria, and bad bacteria in the intestines such as staphylococci and E. coli.

2. “antioxidant power”

>The phytochemicals called “flavonoids” contained in propolis suppress the increase of bad cholesterol, remove active enzymes that are one of the causes of aging and lifestyle diseases, and keep the cells healthy.

3. “immunity”

The antioxidant power of flavonoids and other antioxidants keeps the intestinal environment in good condition and cells healthy, which in tu16rn strengthens the immune system, and the rich vitamins and minerals make the skin and mucous membranes strong. It is thought that it will make you less susceptible to disease, and it is more effective if you take it when your body is tired or weak.


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