Each of Shokken products is researched and developed based on Chisaka Method, which have made our products one and only, as other companies are unable to imitate or copy our products without the deep understanding of our Method.

LE GENMAI is one of our popular brand, whose main products, bread and noodle, are made of 100% brown rice. (GENMAI means brown rice in Japanese.) These gluten-free products have been heavily supported and repeatedly ordered by many moms and housewives who care about the health of their family members.

SOKISAI beauty cream is one of our best selling products, and its exclusive manufacturing process has been recently patented to keep its uniqueness. Many users who experienced the wonders of it call this “Magical Beauty Cream” because of its miracles they felt through their body. read more ! about SOKISAI.

We also manufacture and sell various health foods.

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・Health food
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